Tamanna Professional Makeup Artist In Hyderabad, Top Bridal Makeup Artist in Hyderabad

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"Learn our Art, Share your Passion"

Taking this ideology by heart, Tamanna F Rooz decided to shell out her own one-of-a-kind makeup Academy. For everyone who needs the confidence that make up gives them, TMA is a haven with some ecstatic makeup course lines.

Tamanna F Rooz is a well known make-up and hair expert today who followed her childhood dream and passion .

Experience gained over the years working in the advertisement industry, visual media and with MNC's. Tamanna when translated from Hindi means a wish, desire or craving. Taking this to heart, she made her calling in satiating the wishes, desires or craving of her ilk by becoming a make-up and hair expert.

Tamanna has accomplished her dream of being part of the fascinating world of art, beauty and fashion, via a medium closest to her heart – Makeup. Her passion for makeup translates into adeptness in the field; her skills are eclectic, yet equally echoing her need for perfection.

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