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Tamanna Rooz won the National Make-up Competition organized by the All India Hair & Beauty Association at Ahmedabad where over 225 makeup artists from all over the country participated

.Welcome !!

I feel honoured that most ladies especially brides consider me in the likeness of a fairy God mother.

My work is my passion. I like to keep myself abreast with the latest and the best techniques in my business and give my clients the optimum in look, feel, elation and confidence.


.Bridal Makeup !!

Every bride deserves to feel beautiful and radiant on her special day and I spare no effort to make it happen.

Please book for bridal makeup 3 months in advance. The process is time consuming and need attention to details. You can book online, Call or email to secure your appointment.


.Celebrity Makeup !!

My makeup services are patronized and appreciated by several celebrities, fashion Models and Show organizers.

"My apprehensions were put to rest when Tamanna worked her magic on me the first time. Since then she is a permanent part of my entourage"
.............................Charmme Kaur

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